Food for Africa

In John 4, Jesus told His disciples, “The food I eat you know nothing about.” Now, I’ll have to tell you, this week in Nigeria, I have eaten a lot of food that I knew nothing about. Pounded yam, gari, roasted goat, fish and melon stew, and a drink made from fermented maize and wheat. Sometimes, I had to grin and bear it, and sometimes it was almost delicious. But, the food Jesus was talking about was the kind spoken of in the Bible on several occasions, when God said, “Taste and see…it is good!” This wonderful food is the Word of God and the will of God, and I have seen that all over the world, those who are willing to “taste” do indeed find that it is very, very good.

Our Director of Outreach, Susan Seal, told me that on one occasion in Honduras, an interpreter turned to the preacher in the middle of the sermon, eyes wide with hope, and said, “Is this true? Hallelujah!” Once, many years ago in the Philippines, I had two ladies tell me, “Of course we want to hear this Word if it will give us life and light!” Quite literally, people are starving everywhere and when they hear about the Bread of Life, they taste it and are delighted and satisfied.

This past month in Ghana and Nigeria has been no exception. Again and again, people living in darkness have seen The Great Light and have come to His table to feast. More than 4000 have come to receive Jesus for the first time, and they are now discovering that a steady diet of God’s Word and will brings peace, joy, and overwhelming satisfaction, no matter their physical circumstances. Twenty-one new churches have been established where they will be taught the Word of God several times a week so that they can grow strong in their new-found faith. Our first and last weeks on this mission were spent visiting churches in each country that were established on previous missions. It was obvious that time spent in God’s Word for just one year, or for 15, has made an enormous difference in the lives of these people.

Thank you for helping us to spread the Table for those who have never eaten before. Because of your faithfulness, when we reach the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, many more of our family will join us to celebrate. Hallelujah, indeed!

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