Sights and Sounds of India

Since 1993, Christian World Missions has been partnering with Ghuna Kumar, Director of Gospel Friends to bring the Gospel to the poor in India.  God has used Ghuna and this partnership in an amazing way to bring Light into the darkness.  The ministry includes an orphanage with 200 children, a primary school, a Bible college, a nursing college, a sewing school, a sewing business to assist widows, medical clinics and more.  Thousands have come to know the Lord and have had their lives impacted not just for today, but for eternity.

During our 2012 India Mission we had the privilege of leading a retreat with Bible college students and pastors, led sessions with nursing and sewing students as well as pastors’ wives, taught segments of vacation Bible school, visited medical clincis, prayed for many children, teens and adults and more.  We would love to share with you some of the sights and sounds of India and hope you will be able to see and hear how God is using Christian World Missions, Ghuna Kumar and the faculty and staff at Gospel Friends to spread the Love and the Light of Jesus Christ in India.

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buy stromectol Living Hope Campus

Living Hope Campus is home to one of the Gospel Friends orphanages, the primary school, the Bible College, the nursing college, sewing school, computer school, and the vacation Bible school. Click on the photo to the right for a tour of the campus facilities.


Baranovichi Vacation Bible School

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Every year, Gospel Friends conducts one of, if not the, largest vacation Bible schools in the world with 4000-6000 children from elementary school to high school.  Children come from villages around Mt Zion, many from Hindu families, and hear the Word of God taught through music, skits, and small groups.  Click on the photo to the left to see a short video of the children learning through music and having a great time.


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Also, click on the photo on the right to see some of the beautiful children that experienced VBS.  You can tell from the faces many children truly opened their hearts to the Lord.  As you view the photos, take a moment and pray for these children.  Most are from poor families and many are from Hindu families.  We pray that the seeds of the Gospel were planted and will take root in these young hearts. 



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Thousands have come to know Christ and have been baptized through the India ministry.  When men, women and young people are baptized, they recieve a new Christian name and new clothes.  Click on the photo to the left for video of a baptism from our 2012 mission.  Ghuna Kumar is baptizing this young man, whose new name is David, and Lee Ann Williamson is praying for him with Ghuna translating. 



Medical Clinics

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Meeting people’s medical needs is just one way to share the love of Christ in a tangible way.  Although the medical clinics may not be up to the standards that many of us are used to, the doctors and nurses and those who support the ministry are providing much needed medical care and supplies. To the right are photos from two medical clinics in south India that are run by Gospel Friends and supported in part by CWM.  The photos show exam rooms, waiting rooms, the limited pharmacy and the dedicated staff that are making a great difference in the lives of people there.


Check back soon for more sights and sounds of India.