Music and Teaching Resources

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Yukon Stinging the Natives:  Equipping Your Church to Rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit
Published July 2013

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What A Love (2013 Christmas)

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  A Tapestry of Worship 

Enjoy the sample selections below  

Firm Foundation           – There is None Like You


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The Hope That I Cling To

 Enjoy the sample selections below

 – God Rules        – You Are

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 Wonderful One

 Enjoy the selected samples below

– We’ve Come to Worship          Rescue the Perishing

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Lord of Love

Enjoy the sample selections below

– To Every Generation        – Knowing You

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Your Light Has Come (Christmas)

 Enjoy the sample selections below

– Christmas Shines       – Little Yeshua

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Teaching CDs:  Audio only except The Potter’s Hand (video)

Light of the World

Session One:  Emmanuel;  Session Two:  All About Light

Session Three:  Sometimes He Comes in a Cloud;  Session Four:  Shine Like Stars

Four Sessions aproximately 50 minutes each session

Suggested Donation $25


Outstanding Debt

Session One:  Free to Love; Session Two:  Free to Worship;

Session Three:  Free to Serve;  Session Four:  Free to Choose

Sessions approximately 40 minutes

Suggested Donation $25


Bloom Where You’re Planted

Session One:  Rooted and Established in Love;  Session Two:  Good Soil

Session Three:  Uprooted, Transplanted…;  Session Four:  Dying to Bloom

Sessions approximately 40 minutes

Suggested Donation $25


Reasonable Worship

Session One:  In View of God’s Mercy;  Session Two:  If the Grass is Greener on the Other Side Use Fertilizer

Session Three:  Here We Go Again;  Session Four:  Living Sacrifice – God’s Will

Sessions approximately 40 minutes

Suggested Donation $25


Cathedral Builders

Session One:  Nobody Knows My Name;  Session Two:  They Would Never See the Finish Line

Session Three:  No Credit Allowed;  Session Four:  He Knows My Name

Sessions approximately 40 minutes

Suggested Donation $25

The Potter’s Hand

Session One:  Created in His Image; Session Two:  Be Transformed

Session Three:  Broken Vessels; Session Four:  Cracked Pots

Session approximately 40 minutes

Suggested Donation $30