Sights and Sounds of Africa

Every year CWM travels to Ghana and Nigeria to plant 10 new churches in each country. Pastors go through a 3-month training process beginning in the fall of the previous year.  While our team is there, we hold crusades in each village where the new churches will be planted.  The people who come to know Christ during those crusades make up the congregation of the new churches.  We then consecrate the churches, and they hold their first church service the Sunday following the crusade.  Our staff evangelists who live in Ghana and Nigeria follow up throughout the year and communicate with us regarding their progress. 

While we are in Africa for the church planting mission, we also visit churches planted in previous years to see first hand how they are doing and to encourage them in the Lord.  In addition to church planting, we also provide free medical clinics and build church pavilions.  During the 2013 mission, we also added a children’s program and an agricultural program.  Join us for the 2014 Africa Mission.  broadwise Click here for more information.


  Please enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa and consider being a part of this life-changing mission. Click here for a video from our 2013 Ghana mission. 

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During the mission, we saw banana, mango, palm and cashew trees.  There were mountains in the distance and goats and cows moving through the African bush.  However, whether from a city of over  2 million or from a poor remote village,  the beauty of Africa is the people.  Click on this photo and enjoy some of the faces of those we had the privilige of meeting.




Commissioning Ceremony

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The new pastors who have been trained and are ready to lead their new church  are commissioned before our crusades begin.
To the right, is a segment from the commissioning ceremony held at the Wesley Cathedral in downtown Kumasi, Ghana. Hearing this African choir sing Amazing Grace within 150 miles of the Cape Coast Slave Castle was very powerful.  We will be traveling to Cape Coast for our 2013 Ghana mission from March 1- March 11.  Join us!

Worship through Music and Dance

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Dancing to the Lord is an important part of worship in the African culture. Whether it is with the music leading up to the message or as part of the offering, it is a wonderful expression of the freedom found through the love of Christ. Click on the picture to the left to get a glimpse into two  of our church visit worship services. And yes, we joined in and danced to the Lord as well.




One of the most exciting aspects of the mission is having the opportunity for us to preach in the remote villages where there are few, if any, churches and seeing people come to Christ. Thousands came to know Christ during the 2012 mission alone. Click on the photo to hear Lori and her interpreter at the crusade at Essen-Akosu Church. If God has given you the gift of preaching, we would love for you to join us as we take the Gospel into Africa.


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Through your support, Christian World Missions provides a church pavilion for the new churches, usually after the church has been established for at least a year. Click on the photo to the left to see more photos.




Consecration of Churches
What a great privilege it is to be with the new churches at their very first worship service on Sunday morning.  The new pastors and the congregation are given their charge and the church is established. The photo to the right is the pastor, Ejukwa, and his wife being commissioned at the new church in Ntankpo by a pastor from Calabar and Connie Walters, one of our US team members.