Stories of Grace

It’s been a very busy year already starting with our council meeting and Holy Spirit Conference in January, then Africa mission in February, women’s conferences in March and April and India Mission in May.  The people we have spent time with come from big cities and small villages, they live in wealthy neighborhoods and mud or bamboo huts.  We have been greeted by kings and chiefs and just plain ole folks.  We have had the privilege of praying for healing and prodigal sons and daughters, for forgiveness and spiritual maturity.  The food we’ve eaten has ranged from homemade chicken and dumplings to home cooked bush meat and pounded yams.  

It’s been a great adventure regardless of where God led us, and we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to experience church, real church…not a building, but the body of Christ.   Regardless of race or nationality, socio-economic status or educational level, we have worshipped and prayed and proclaimed the Word of God with some amazing people.  I am humbled and grateful that God has allowed such men, women, boys and girls to cross my path.  I remember some African teenage girls who just wanted to feel important, wanted us to remember them.   I pray for those pastors we consecrated who are on the front lines of the spiritual battlefield, evangelizing in Muslim areas or areas where witchcraft is prevalent.  Today, I thought about a young Indian man of about 18 whose father sold him as a slave.  By the grace and power of God, that young man has a heart filled with joy and hope as he makes plans to attend Bible college. 

We’ve heard some amazing stories of survival and redemption, but I’ve also come to know that in the heart of every Christian is a story of grace and the power of God.  It may be that we’ve grown up in the church surrounded by Biblical Truth or in a poor village surrounded by witchdoctors.  God transcends all situations.  Praise Him for His saving grace whatever YOUR story might be!

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